Episode 14: "A House of Spools"

This week, we have a shootout of sorts on set…don't worry, no blood was spilled. Instead, we spend the hour-ish discussing and challenging our favorite tools for various tasks, and why we like those tools. Also covered: EarPods and the Apple Store, and using Amazon to back up iOS photos and videos.


  • Rob: YoruFukurou (OS X), Twitter (iOS)

  • Tyler: Tweetbot (both)

  • Ian: Tweetbot (OS X, iOS)


  • Rob: iTunes

  • Tyler: Instacast (iOS)

  • Ian: Instacast (OS X, iOS)

Note taking


  • Rob: Vienna (OS X), none on iOS

  • Ian: Used to use Reeder


  • Rob: BBEdit (OS X) or Pages (OS X) or Word (OS X), depending on the project.

  • Tyler: Day One and a touch of Pages. Would love a good excuse to get Byword.

  • Ian: Pages (OS X, iOS)